Barron Dula Eagle Project

Animal Tracks Inc

In the past few months I have been working towards achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. I am required to demonstrate all the  years of leadership I’ve learned in my time in Scouting in one huge project done all by me with minimal adult help except when needed. I have to do a project that either benefits the city, community, public place, or non profit. 

The project I have selected involves constructing a building that is insulated with three separate stalls for monkeys to be housed in to escape the cold or rain for a few hours. This project will be happening at the facility Animal Tracks Inc. located in Agua Dulce off of Escondido Canyon Rd. They not only specialize in monkeys but a wide range of exotic animals that were kept as pets and shouldn’t have been.  

My project seems simple, but requires a lot of fundraising and building. But with the help I’ve received from an architect, I know what the final build should look like in the end. This is my call for a donation of any amount, so I can achieve in accomplishing this build. 

To fund my project I am asking for donations to pay for supplies, materials, safety equipment, and food for those who will help me in building. I am in need of approximately $1,500 to pay for the project.

Please make all monetary donations here our Troop website. For checks the memo line should reference Barron Dula Eagle Project. Cash donations are also accepted. If you have any connections for donations of construction materials that would be great as well. 


For any questions, suggestions and check/cash donations, please contact me directly via this form:

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