Matt Moss: Placerita Canyon Nature Center Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout project supports the Placerita Canyon Nature Center. The Center offers historical sights such as the “Oak of the Golden Dream”, nature hikes in the surrounding hills and animal shows to educate their visitors. They also bring the animals to events like the Boy Scout camp or local schools to further educate the public about the local fauna.

We will be building about 15 small birdcages for the Nature Center. This will give the birds a place to sleep at night and allow the handlers to more easily transport the birds to and from educational shows as well as for emergency evacuations.

The project will use lightweight plastic materials to make transportation easy yet it will still be strong enough to support the birds.  It is a simple patter cut out and fold together.


Disclaimer: Yes, there will be holes for air, but they will be drilled by the Nature Center, once they know which bird goes in which cage.