Jake Fridlund: College of the Canyon Eagle Project

My project is to remodel the student research garden on the College of the Canyons – Canyon Country campus. The garden is overrun with weeds and is not level. We will be weeding and leveling the ground and installing a functional pathway along with constructing an above ground pond and weather proof seating area.

Currently there are three basic types of research conducted in the garden. In the raised beds students explore various factors that affect the growth of food crops. They look at the effects of mulching, soil enrichment, biodiversity and crop rotation on yield. Students also experience the challenge of trying to grow food crops with a lack of soil and nutrients to model world problems with soil loss from erosion, salinization and degradation. The third current experiment involves students studying decomposition rates and analyzing organisms involved in the process. With the addition of the pond, students will take and analyze data on organism distribution and how this data changes with the seasons and other factors such as pH, nitrate levels and salinity.

This project will provide not only a beautiful but a safe atmosphere for students to learn, create and enjoy their research projects.

Help needed

In order to be able to remodel the garden I need all your help. Let me know if you have time. I would like to ask also for donations to cover the cost of the material needed.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Jake Fridlund


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