Justin Shakoori: Fire Station 107 Eagle Project

My name is Justin Shakoori, a LASD Sheriff’s Explorer, and a proud Boy Scout with Troop 48 in Canyon Country. I am currently a Life Scout working on my Eagle Scout Service Project. The Eagle Scout, as you might know, is the last, and highest ranking in Boy Scouts, and one of the most rewarding achievements. It will mean a lot to me, and our local Fire Station 107, if you are able to help toward this worthy cause by any amount of funds, or your much appreciated time. 

With your donation, you are helping out one of the oldest, but busiest Fire Stations in our beautiful City of Santa Clarita. Following is a brief description of my proposed project: The project in short entails of building a plaque wall, and landscaping the area in front of the Fire Station. The plaque wall is to be in front of the station’s American Flag, and it will accommodate the station’s logo with lights that will illuminate, and identify the station. The landscaping portion of the project entails removal of some old plants replaced by more drought resistant plants with drip sprinkler system, and decorative rocks covering the entire front of the station. The entire front landscaping will also bring about awareness for having water tolerant plants for our city. The total we are trying to fund raise is $2,000.   

Fire Station 107, 18239 Soledad Canyon Rd., Canyon Country, CA 91387.

How can you help:
Any, and all sort of help (monterey or time) is much appreciated. Anyone with any landscaping, stucco, or electrician background would certainly be helpfulI. Please consider also a donation to help me cover the cost of the project.

For any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Justin Shakoori


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